With the exception of a very few pieces, 
my art work ends up either displayed on a dresser in my art room or, 
more likely stored in a box or my hard drive.

  I know, sad, isn't it? 
 I'm working on changing that.

For Christmas, I received a marvelous shadowbox frame.
 (Thanks again, Danielle)
Quite out of the blue it hit me to create some art to go in it.

Then I happened along this Blog train and loaded up 
on some wonderful coordinating papers and graphics.

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire weekend
making digital collages to fill the shadowbox.

Now I have a cool collection of my art hanging in my office at work.


Frames 1,3,5,7,& 9 are the shadowboxes.
 In them I have placed such things as flowers, stones, keys, 
a watch face, a perfume bottle, a shell and other little things.
The finished product was difficult to photograph, 
but trust me, it looks awesome!


Kristin said...

Oh yay! I'm glad to see a picture of the finished product! Can't wait to see it in person!

Cindy said...

That is soooo pretty. I love digis!I think it is a niche for me.

Linda Jacobs said...

Love it! X9! Turquoise and brown are a couple of my favorite colors.


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