Try, try again

You may or may not remember my feeble attempt
 at creepy creations.

I'm more this kind of gal:

I'm good with that.  It's who I am.

But I am also one for not giving up too easily. 
 A couple of weeks ago I tried again.

I started with drab and made it drabber (more drab?)

Then I grunged it up.

When I had a potentially creepy background, 
I asked Kristin what I could add to it to make it even uglier.
Without a second's hesitation she answered matter-of-factly:

"A naked mole rat"

So now I present to you the best I have to offer
under the classification of
dark, twisted, grungy, creepy:

Prepare to be creeped out


and slightly alarmed.........

.......you've been warned........

I rest my case.

The end.

You are welcome.


Kristin said...

Maybe you should just stick to the pretty. ;)

Marilyn Rock said...

I adore your Bloom piece; wonderful bright color and the butterfly is awesome! xxoo

Betsy said...


Tammy said...

Lisa! I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time! I too am the girl who does "pretty." It's good to get to my desk and send a hello your way!

Cindy said...

Lisa!! Help! He is getting out!! He is scarier than a grain silo!

Linda Jacobs said...

That is one smart Kristen! Love it! You just went really high on the creep meter!


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