Keepsakes? Probably not.

In answer to Linda's question, (in comments of last post)
 this is the kind of nonsense I make using my grandsons.

Keepsakes?   Not so much.
Unless you count personalized games
and wacky paperdolls.

But we had a blast
and that counts for something!


Cindy said...

Ah! Paperdolls! My favorite toy! I still love the paperdolls myself. Alan's face in that last picture cracks me up. He appears to be frowning. What is he thinking? Is he not pleased with the outcome of his clothing choices?

Linda Jacobs said...

That counts for tons! I hope they keep them and use them with their own kids one day.

Kylie discovered my craft desk this weekend. I guess she was just too short before. Anyway, she went ga-ga! Pulled a chair right up and asked to play with everything. We had a blast, too!

Marilyn Rock said...


Cindy said...

Linda, that is a fab idea! Can you imagine how neat it would be if you had an old paperdoll that your mom played with? That would be the coolest.

Amy said...

Dear Linda & Cindy,
I must remind you that these are the Buffaloes we are talking about.
While a paper doll that your mom played with when she was a little girl would, indeed, make a wonderful keepsake, these paper dolls have wrestled, crashed, and been otherwise buffaloed more times than I care to count, even under my supervision.

So, even though they live safely in a shoebox and only come out with permission, they are, after all, paper dolls, and will be lucky to survive the winter, much less childhood.

However, they are loved, and I have an idea we could probably get replacements as needed. ;)


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