Making Hay......um.....Corn.....

We took a little trek to our property in the country 
the other morning before it got too hot.
We have a garden out there this year for the first time.

The blackberries look promising.

The crew inspecting critters and vermin at the pond.

A baby grasshopper at pond's edge.

If you look carefully in the dirt, 
you will see two sets of footprints scurrying through the corn.

The suspects:

And if by now you are asking yourself what I was doing?

Sitting in the shade, of course!
With this little lump of sugar!


Anonymous said...


Beautiful photography!! You had great subjects, too...baby grasshoppers and sweet little boys!


Cindy said...

Beautiful pictures! The grasshopper is awesome! Love those two pranksters scoping out the corn. Makes me think of 'build it and they will come.' What a sweet little baby. He is so very precious! He is at that really super fun age. Looks like you have some good eating in your near future too.


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