Forget-me-nots and Jasmine

Still inspired from my Artful Pages class, I spent some time
 in my gluebook this morning.

By it being a gluebook, all I need on hand
 is paper, scissors and glue.
Last week I did backgrounds on several pages 
while I was watching TV.

Having backgrounds prepared comes in handy
 when inspiration strikes.  
A page can come together pretty quickly and
 satisfy the creative urge when I
really should be doing something else.

The forget me not flower has accumulated a good deal of legend over time. One of the best known legends is of how it got its distinctive name. It is said that a medieval knight walked near a riverbank with his beloved. As they walked, he slipped into the water and could not get out because of the weight of his armor. As his love wept and tried to pull him from the water, he handed her a bouquet of small, blue flowers and whispered, “forget me not.”

 In China the jasmine flower is considered the ideal emblem for feminine kindness. In other areas these flowers are thought to indicate grace and delicacy, as well as sensuality and cheerfulness. They are thought to attract wealth and romantic attachments.


Cindy said...

That is a beautiful Spring page! I love the legend of the knight. However, he was practicing extreme self constraint to whisper "forget me not" instead of yelling "Get me out of here!"

Linda Jacobs said...

I really love these backgrounds! They're giving me ideas for when I get back to journaling. Right now, we're getting ready to clean out this house and sell it so all my craft stuff is packed to go to camp.


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