March Trees

All you regular peeps know how I love trees, 
especially the blooming kind.
You might even remember a page I did about them.

So yesterday I pointed my camera at these
 lovlies in my mama's backyard.

Then last night I had some fun playing with
 textures in Photoshop.

You can vote for the one you like best if you want.
There's no prize or anything, but you can still pick your fav.







(Which one of these is not like the others?)

Original photo, SOOC

If I had to name one my favorite, it would be #2, 
followed closely by #6
I like them all simply for the variations from one to the next 
 just by tweaking them in photoshop.
Reminds me of eating potato chips--I can't stop with just one!


Amy said...

After careful consideration, I think (surprise surprise) that my favorite is also #2!

Betsy said...

My favorite is the original photo, the last one with the vibrant blue sky, followed closely by No. 1.

Cindy said...

My fave is No. 6. I love the look of the journal.

Linda Jacobs said...

Hmmm...They're all so creative! I like number one because of the pretty color of the blossoms. I've got to start playing with photoshop!

Kristin said...

I love them all! Spring is so beautiful!

Sheri said...

I like numbers 6 and 7.

Lynn said...

Beautiful texture work , I was going to say #2 and #6, love the look of the journal :)


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