Camp Craft

It has been so stinkin' hot around here!  We're talking 100 to 105 degrees every day! For two weeks and counting!  And because we blame everything on the heat here in Texas, that is why I'm just now getting around to photographing the gluebook pages I did on our little camping retreat.  Hey, it's as good a reason as any. 

 For the purpose of full disclosure, I also took these pictures in the dim coolness of my den......with a flash!  *Gasp!*  I did for a fact prop the book on the foot rest of my recliner and snap away, with only a whisper of natural light.  So just embrace the flash (it sort of enhanced a couple of the layouts in a neat way) and enjoy the pages.

I was cranking out the pages last weekend, so I'll have more to share later...flash glow and all.


Amy said...

I like the one with the baby and the map best. Surprise, surprise, right? And then after that I like the one with the bird and the couple.
And YES the heat counts as an excuse. For everything.

Linda Jacobs said...

It's in the 80s here today and I can barely stand it! Don't know how you do it. Love how old fashioned these glue books look!

Cindy said...

My favorite is the birthday lady with the cat, of course! My second favorite is the awesome, happy girl in front of the pink flowers. It is so hot that I have resorted to going grocery shopping at 6 o'clock in the morning. It is just a mere 90 then.

Kristin said...

I love your pages! :)


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