The key is color

I consider myself a practical efficient type person. I don't like fumbling for a key, having to visually inspect it to know which one to grab.  (Or would that just be impatient?)  Anyway, my big ring of keys to my whole kingdom has the priority ones marked with some blobs of nail polish.  How tacky is that?  Efficient, yes. Artistic, no.

So when I recently downsized to an everyday key ring, I was still fumbling for the right key even though there were only 2.  But rather than resort to the old nail polish method, I did a little cutting and pasting.  And of course, some blinging.  I've been carrying these for over a week now and they are holding up well so far.

I am also a color-coding fool.  
Just a glance is all it takes
I cut bits of scrapbook paper for both sides of each key, glued the paper on with Mod-Podge then covered it with a thick protective coat and attached the jewels. 

Yes, I know they sell little gadgets for this purpose, but what fun is that?


Cindy said...

I love your creativeness! I have a pile of keys too...keys to my house, my moms, my work, my church, other peoples houses. A friend gave me these colored cats heads that fit on top of my keys. Without those things I would be lost. I reach for orange to get into my own house. Pink is my moms. So helpful. I love your idea.

Kristin said...

Hehe! I love these!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

Doing your own is so much better! Very clever!


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