Fences make good neighbors and good photos!

Here is another photo editing project that could be called a tutorial this time!


Background layer, enhanced:

Layer 2: Background copy: sepia tint photo effects filter at 75%

Layer 3: Pixel Dust Vintage Blue texture:  Hard light filter at 85% opacity

Layer 4: Pixel Dust French Toast texture, Soft Light filter at 75% opacity

Layer 5: Pixel Dust Notes to Myself texture, reversed,
Hard light filter at 85% opacity, partially erased at 80% opacity

Final photo:

Version 2: without sepia tint:

If you edit a photo using my 'recipe', I would love to see it!


Kristin said...

Oooh, I lurrrrve your photo editing skilllzzz! I have gotsta practice! (now that I am no longer a student, I refuse to spell things correctly, apparently...)

Cindy said...

I have an issue similar to Kristin's. Unless I am in 'student mode' I hate to do citations. I have noticed you are super wonderful at citing your material. But back to this post, I particularly love the right upper corner of this pix. That looks fab! The final sepia tinted one is my favorite over all.

Linda Jacobs said...

Your process is amazing! What beautiful effects you can achieve. I'll be trying these soon.


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