Corsicana, Texas

I live in an old town, albeit much smaller than Corsicana, but still I can't help see the similarities of the two--hints of what once was, the old downtown architecture, the older residential style.  What is outstanding about Corsicana however, is how they have been able to repurposed, reused, and revitalized their downtown area. (My little town is trying.) Buildings that once held other businesses are now boutiques, antique shops, cafes, a florist, doctor's and lawyers offices.  We even noticed some loft apartments. These cute storefronts remind me of the little towns in books I've read and always wanted to visit.

Grave Creek Mercantile

Bittersweet Boutique

Trophies Unlimited

quote from the Corsicana Daily Sun: The Dr. Pepper mural on the side of the building is probably the most photographed spot in town!

Victorian Sample Florist

Merchant Antiques

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio

The State National Bank
Eight-story structure built in 1926
Currently houses JP Morgan Chase

Moving to the more industrial part of town: 
This building was particularly fascinating to me--its architecture, color, just everything about it. I love how they maintained the historic nature of it by adding a modern entrance on the side that can be seen to the right in the photograph. 

Stephen Augustus (Gus) Pace came to Corsicana from Alabama in 1872. He started a retail grocery store. In 1898 he built this very stylish building Pace Wholesale Grocery Company. It was built in three sections. The oldest and most ornate East section built in 98', the center section built between 05' and 10' and the West section built before 1913. All three sections are visible in this early shot.
Coming soon:
 Some of my favorite building from around the still very active railroad, some of the restaurants we tried, and other interesting photos around Corsicana, including our trip to the Russell Stover factoy candy store!!


Linda Kaiser said...

I found your blog! Great seeing you earlier!

Amy said...

I am in love (all over again) with your photography!

Kristin said...

What a beautiful downtown!

Linda Jacobs said...

It reminds me of a quaint New England town. Beautiful photos!


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