Seguin, Texas

Traveling north just a bit, we land in Seguin, Texas. We arrived in town tired and hungry; comfort food was the ticket, even before we checked into the hotel. Our go-to favorite in that category:

I love IHOP.
It was training night at IHOP--shadowing trainees galore.  I was reminded of Kristin's stories from back in the day when she was the 'shadower' and then 'shadowee'.  They were all working so hard--we got asked about 15 times by several people if everything was okay.

We were in a booth. Picture the kind with a half wall divider and a strip of glass atop that.  I didn't notice when 2 quite elderly ladies were seated on the other side of it.  What got my attention was their server.  He was maybe all of 19, tall, cute in a teenage sort of way, turned out in his white shirt and black slacks.  He was giving his utmost attention to his customers.  The ladies were deliberating over the menu, clearly unsure of what was what.  This young man was bent over the table, pointing through the menu, describing items, giving them consideration as if he were ordering for himself. He was so sweetly patient, without a drop of frustration or condescension toward these little ladies. It was quite touching. When he finished taking the order, I caught his eye over the partition and gave him a thumbs up.  Later I mentioned to his supervisor what a kind thing he did.  The supervisor then told me that the young man had ADD and when he first started working there he wanted to give up on himself, but this supervisor wouldn't let him. He took the young man under his wing, literally, working with him side by side.  He became confident and can now handle multiple large tables at a time--on that night he was also training 3 other people.  One of his best employees. An already good story just got better. I wish that young man many successes and kudos to the supervisor for seeing his potential.

On this night, IHOP provided not only comfort food, but comfort for the soul.


Linda Jacobs said...

This brought tears to my eyes! You know how I love teenagers! Most just need someone to care about them.

Lisa said...

I think it is important to share the good stories. Too many times the bad ones get the attention.


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