Meeting an old friend

Our stay in Seguin put me stone's throw away from a dear old friend that I don't get to see very often.  It created the perfect opportunity for us to get together over lunch and catch up. We had both looked online for suggestions and decided walking around the central park would be a good place to start.

We settled on Jonathan's choice for lunch: Amy's & Cathy's. As cute as the little sandwich shop was inside we chose to dine alfresco. The afternoon was just too beautiful!

More walking led us to a coffee shop with "We've Moved" written on the glass.  A disappointment.  We continued on to a fun little bookstore.  Who can resist?  After a thorough perusing, we chatted a while with the owner and got directions to the relocated coffee shop.  It wasn't in walking distance, but oh, it was worth the short drive just for the sheer novelty of it!  Jonathan and I found quite the juxtaposition:

Chiropractor & Java Joint

Let that sink in for a minute.
Your eyes are not playing tricks.

We indulged in the Java portion, but passed on the chiropractic! 

We soaked up the remainder of our afternoon on the banks of the Guadalupe River.

The bookstore lady told us this old power station is being converted into a restaurant.
This will go on mine and Bobby's to-do list.

That evening, Bobby and I just struck out with no place particular in mind to eat.  Maybe the afternoon outing inspired me, because we ended up at the Guadalupe Grillhouse.

It it usually a good idea to ask the server for a suggestion on what to order. They will either tell you their favorite or what is most popular.  Their recommendation will either confirm your choice or convince you to try something you otherwise would not have.  That was the case for me on this night.  I tried their brisket nachos.  Excellent choice, if I so say so myself!  The smokey meat was a very different take on traditional nachos. They were loaded with brisket, cheese and beans, topped with jalapeno slices.  Our server tempted us with a platter of desserts and we succumbed. We shared a slice of locally-made caramel pecan cheesecake over coffee.


Linda Jacobs said...

Coffee houses, bookstores, yummy food, wonderful scenic photo ops. I want to go traveling with you!

Lisa said...

We are having a grand ol' time, Linda!


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