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I finished up a banner swap project today and was in the mood to keep working. I started by preparing a blue and green acrylic background in my current altered book. While waiting for it to dry, I grabbed a 6' x 8' canvas board and some orange acrylic paint. By applying the paint with a dry sponge the paint dried quickly--faster than what I had going on in the book. Soon I was stenciling, stamping, layering, and adding bits of scrap. I had nothing in mind when I started other than fading the darker orange edge to a lighter center for a glowing effect. I wanted to practice some background techniques. This is what I ended up with--mainly background and little focal point, but it was fun to create.


Cindy said...

The glowing effect worked. It looks like the sun is about to pop up over the butterfly. It is very beautiful. I particularly love the to:you from:god. Again, another beautiful creation.

Anonymous said...

I contacted you about joining your pennant swap....I am on "last minute" grandma duty and won't get my pennants out until tomorrow...I hope that it won't be too late.

Linda Jacobs said...

Your background glows! And I like all the things you added to it! Fun to experiment, huh?

My pennants went out today. I mailed them Priority so you should see them Thursday or Friday.


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