Spring Banner - Letter "I"

Spring Banner Week 4:
the "I" pennant

The challenge is to incorporate inchie(s)
into your pennant.

Ok, girls, get ready.
I don't know if it's the time change, spring fever, or what, but I'm ready to spring forward with the banner challenge. The possible source of my impatience may have something to do with a new idea I have for us to try! Oh, it's good, girls! That's all I'm going to say about it for now because you have work to do.

The challenge for next week will be to use
needlework on your "N" pennant.
use gem(s) on your "G" pennant
string the whole thing together!*

That's right, we're moving on!
Are you curious? Are you excited?
Can't wait to see the completed banners!
Can't wait to share my idea!
Are you in?


Cindy said...

Lisa, your "I" banner is the prettiest one yet. The blue flower is elegant. I am eagerly looking forward to the mystery challenge as well! My "I" Banner.

claudilue said...

Sorry, I´m late, here is my:

Linda said...

So fragile and delicate looking! Just like spring itself! your inchie is so cute and I like how the yellow ribbon balances the yellow chick.

I Pennant

Mary Lynn in Texas said...

Oh drats! I'm sorry I missed this one!! I have been so sick with the flu and then bronchitis, and at my age I have to be careful. Haha. Your blog looks beautiful, and I love your banner pieces. No, there isn't another banner like the one you are doing. In one of my groups, we did one Easter pennant to swap. I got a pretty one. I'll put it on my blog. Glad to be back, I've missed everyone.

Silvia said...

Lisa, your "I" pennant looks great, love it.
Here's my



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