Spring Banner - Letters "N" & "G"

Spring Banner Week 5:
the "N" & "G" pennants

The challenge is to incorporate needlework
into the "N" pennant
use gems on the "G" pennant
post your completed banner

I hope each of you have enjoyed working on the spring banner as much as I have. It is such a pleasure to see your beautiful, creative and unique art work!

I doubled up on the last two letters to get you in shape for this:

Hats, Handbags & Heels

Let's do a swap! Some of you have been involved in swaps before, but some of us, including me, have not. It would be so exciting to share a bit of ourselves with each other.

Here's how it will work: Everyone that wants to participate will create 5 coordinating pennants with the theme "Hats, Handbags & Heels" When your pennants are finished, you will mail 4 of them to me and keep one for yourself. Get them in the mail by March 31. Be sure and write your name on the back of each pennant. After I've received all the pennants, I will randomly select 4 new ones to return to you. We will each have work from 4 different artists with which to create a unique banner!

This theme should inspire a lot of glitz, glamour and fun!

Since this is my first time to do this, I will have to figure it out as I go along. Maybe some of you seasoned swappers can give me some pointers.

To keep the size uniform, I have prepared a template that I will email to you, as I do not know how to make a pdf file. Let me know via comment or email if you want to participate. In the same email with the template I will also send you my mailing address. My email address is: elsie_lisa(at)hotmail(dot)com

I am very excited about the swap and hope you decide to play along. Please consider this post your personal invitation!


Cindy said...

Lisa, your completed banner is beautiful! I love it. I am very excited about the new challenge too. The topic is right up my alley! Check out my completed Spring Banner...SpringInCindysMind

Anonymous said...

Linda, your last two pennants are really fantastic and your complete banner looks wonderful. Love it. You can see my N and G pennants here:

Spring banner

claudilue said...

Lisa, your completes banner is wonderful.
Here is my:

Amy D said...

I love it, love it, love it!

Blue seems like a different color from what you usually do, and it works so well for this theme!

And look! Mine is done! :)


Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

Lisa your banner is a breath of fresh air!! It is beautiful - so hope you and many others will enjoy it for a long time!

Linda said...

Wow, Lisa, I love the whole thing and the way you connected them! The vine works so well!

I love your idea for the swap but don't think I'd have enough time to get them done since Kylie will be visiting this weekend and there is no way I can craft when she is around.

Here are mine for this week:

Linda said...

But I really want to do it! I've been thinking about it for a couple hours, now. I'm not guaranteeing anything but I'd like to try. I'll send an email for the template and keep you up to date on my progress.

Thanks for all your work on this and the "Spring" challenge!


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