ATC fun

Wendall, you rascal!

Collage, gesso, stamping, and see what happens.

Missy asks the age-old question:

I asked my daughter for some ATC ideas.

She said make one with a Victorian boot:

And make one using purple:
Wasn't that fun?


Caryn Lynn said...

What a great variety. My favorite is the collage,gesso, and stamp one!

Betsy said...

Too bad, Wendell looks like a nice guy, but alas, today would have been Margie's 75th wedding anniversary, but with another guy whose name started with "W".

Kristin said...

Wendell!!! What a rascal! Haha.

whymsicalmusings said...

Lisa I really love your ATC's just beautiful! I am so glad you found my blog because it led me to yours:)
I am now a blog follower possibly a blog stalker! But I won't be a scary one just one that appreciates your artwork.

Cindy T. said...

The woman in the collage, gesso, stamp ATC looks like Jackie Kennedy. Did you think that too?

Linda Jacobs said...

All are so clever! I especially like the vacuum one! The background papers are so light-hearted and fit the theme so well!

Mary Lynn said...

Love your newest art pieces! Hope you are doing well, and having loads of fun. Your blog looks so pretty. I think it is time for me to change mine up some.

Robin said...

These are all great ATC's but I really love that gesso, stamping one!!


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