Living on a caffeine high

A friend and I share the same fondness for a
fresh pot of Maxwell House.
For her birthday this week, along with some specialty flavored blends,
I made these cards for her.
We had some laughs and then we had some coffee!

Happy Birthday, Danielle!


Cindy T. said...

I am in complete agreement. With enough coffee, anything IS possible!

Linda Jacobs said...

I keep saying when I grow up I'm going to start drinking coffee. It smells so wonderful when my husband makes it. But I just haven't developed much of a taste for it yet. I'm trying, though. Last weekend I made a cup of decaf (We have a machine that makes indiviual cups) and laced it with a little Baileys and half and half and it was palatable. So, maybe I'm growing up?

These cards are a riot! Your friend must feel pretty special that you made three for her!

Better than Hallmark's, that's for sure!


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