Let me give you a clue

Remember the board game Clue?
We used to love playing it.

In all the pre-Christmas crafty gift making ideas
I saw where someone had made a personalized version of Yahtzee
for little folks using pictures on the dice instead of dots.

This gave me the idea to make a clue game for my grandson.

I used  Mom and Dad and other family members for the characters
 in place of Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum and the rest of that motley crew.

Instead of the Conservatory and the Library, I used rooms from my house.

And since there was no murder involved in this family friendly game,
 I replace the weapons with random objects that a little boy could relate to.

We play it as more of a virtual Hide-n-Seek game--
guessing Who is Where with What.
Some of the combinations make for some good laughs:
 Alan on the Stairs with a Bicycle
Daddy in the Bathroom with a Book
Mimi in the Kitchen with a Goldfish

We also play it sans the game board--that was always the tedious part to me anyway,
having to navigate to a particular room to make a guess.
I made a page of scorecards to duplicate.
In case it really caught on, I laminated the playing cards to protect them
--and I'm glad I did.  This little game saw a lot of action over the holidays!

Truth be told, the adults liked it as much as my grandson did!


Cindy said...

What a super idea! You will not believe it but I have Clue on my phone and play it when I am stuck somewhere waiting for something with nothing else to do. I have two games on my phone; Clue and Scrabble. I alternate between the two. I so love those games!

Kristin said...

Let's play family clue tomorrow!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

Wicked clever!

Hmmm....you've got me thinking!

Marilyn Rock said...

This is brilliant!


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