This one's for you, D.

After lunch yesterday my friend and I had just a few minutes
to hit a local thrift store that helps victims of domestic abuse
 where we found this beauty:

 I whacked off the big ol' elastic band, took up the sides,
 narrowed the sleeves and made them three-quarter.

It's made of a soft lightweight silky fabric.
Just right for a little jacket to throw on when
she's working in the super cool AC at the library.

I see more lunch hour thrifting in our future.


Linda Jacobs said...

Love it! You really have a knack for repurposing!

Kristin said...

You two are supa cute! Did you know today was national thrift store day? And I didn't even celebrate. :-(

bois-fleurie said...

I am in the middle of doing something similar but it seeems to have gone a bit wrong. Yours has turned out so well

Cindy said...

Cute jacket. I am working on furniture right now so all sewing projects are on hold.


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