Clever collage

Can you decipher what is depicted in the collage above?

Once you get the 'what', you will never guess the 'how' it was made.

I found this incredible art by Jenny O'dell

You must go there and marvel at her other amazing collages.

Then come back and tell me your favorites.  I've picked mine.


Cindy said...

It is a tough call but I have narrowed my faves in this order, grain silos, baseball diamonds, then nuclear cooling towers.

Linda Jacobs said...

The silos are my favorite; they look like pearls!

Kristin said...

Ha! That is so cool! I like the overpass and the swimming pools!

Amy said...

Oh wow! I love google maps anyway, so this is just fun!
The waste and salt ponds are actually appealing to me, lol.
But the swimming pools are pretty and the overpass one is pleasing to look at too.

Lisa said...

Thanks for playing along. My favorites are, in no particular order: the pools, the grain silos, the empty parking lots, and the boats.


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