Exploring the Inspiration

Inspiration is such an ethereal substance.
I glean the internet for art blogs that inspire me.

 Let me tell you, there are lots of treasures out there.
I have old favorites that have been on my radar for years.

 Every so often I find a new one that makes me ask:
 "Where have you been all this time?"  

That is what happened this morning.
As I was perusing an old favorite I was led to Marilyn's blog:
  In My Room.

I was so inspired by her Deli Paper Tutorials,  that I put down my digital brushes
and started spreading some acrylics.

Do you think she's SASSY?

This is a page in a book and not deli paper.

But the book is an old one (about shellfish farming, of all things)
with those delicious thin slick pages.

Besides brushes, I used
 a straight-edge,
a pizza cutter,
 and a tiny toy muffin tin
to apply the paint.

Thanks, Marilyn for the inspiraton!

I hope I can pay it forward by inspiring someone else.


Cindy said...

That is too cool for school. I love it. What you did looks very complex. I am so immersed in digital right now that I have not ventured into anything else lately. I was searching for digital blogs earlier this morning. Plus, I watched some tutorials. However, I will check out the blog you write about.

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I LOVE what you did here! She is sassy in a wonderful way and adore the background you did! I'm SO happy I could inspire you with the deli paper technique; that is my goal - sharing. Thank you! Blogging is great isn't it? I learn so much from everyone - and you have inspired me to go more masculine with my art! :)

Have a joyous day! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Love,love,Love.. your blog....and need to
from first glance you do give detail's of what you use, so I will look forward to reading more...
My style has recently taken a turn and I have been searching for technique's, help and inspiration... look's like I found some...

Linda Jacobs said...

There are so many neat details! And I love her red hair. And those stockings!


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