Youth and Inner Beauty

The Flower of Youth fades.

I remember still when I first saw....
.....A beautiful flower, in the bloom of youth,
Dancing between wild roses sways,
To a gentle breeze, in spring’s first days.

But in its place comes another kind of Beauty.

So her love story finally rests in peace....
....The years will erase the pain and the grief.
And my wilting flower will survive the gloom,
Until the spring once more bursts forth in bloom.


Cindy said...

Oh wow, I love all of that! The flower of youth does fade, doesn't it? I look like that lady on the bottom...but I have sooo much INNER beauty now. (Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it.)

"MOI" Freubel said...

Hey Lisa.
I have just discovered and browsed trough your blog and i've found it very enjoyable.
What a hart-touching "Flower of Youth" and very well done ! The colours and setting are awesom !!
Warm greetings from the Netherlands. Rian
(my congratulations with your grandson Tyler Gregory )

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful! You are so creative!


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