"It is what it is"

I am often curious how certain pieces of other people's art comes to be.

Sometimes I start with a particular image and build around it.

Or I might begin working on a background and see what develops.

I have been known to start with what is laying loose on my art table.

That is how this piece came to be.
 Only instead of loose bits on the table,
 I used some odds and ends in my Photoshop bin.

The background was chosen at random to use while messing around with the cookie cutter tool.
When I popped it into a new canvas, the image was enlarged.  I liked it.

The coral orchid in the bin caught my eye.
 I wondered how it would look against the rich red background.
I popped it into the canvas.  I liked it.

There needed to be something more....another vivid color.
It took only a quick look into my objects image folder to settle on the teal marble.
I was only looking for vibrant color and this fit the bill.
 Into the canvas it went.  I liked it.

Next I added some light and dark detail.  I liked it.

Depth was what was missing,
so I embedded a couple of deeper layers.  I liked it.

What to call it?   Hmmm.  What else?
I named it "Digital Collage".
I love it!


Cindy said...

"It is what it is" reminds me of another phrase I use quite often "Go for what you know." Those are my two favorite phrases. Some of my junior co-workers often complain to me that they need training to do something. That is when I tell them to train themselves like I did or "go for what you know". You said you wonder how othe people start pieces. Usually I start with a thought in my mind that has been laying heavy, then, I search for articles to depict it. That teal marble looks just like the bottom to one of my wind chimes.

Marilyn Rock said...


Linda Jacobs said...

The more digital art I see, the more I want to experiment. One of these days...

I love what you did with it. The colors complement each other so well!


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