Feeling magical

A prevailing line of thought among the art blog folk
is the idea of stretching oneself in one's craft.

I try that from time to time.

Most recently, I tried 'dark & twisted'.

Pretty unsuccessfully, I might add.

I promised to try again, but truthfully, it just may not be in me.

Here is another attempt at stepping outside my usual realm:

A little magical..........

.....a little fanciful.

I don't think I've found a new niche just yet,

 but at least it is prettier than 'dark & twisted'

and something I just might attempt again.


Cindy said...

I LIKE! Fanciful seems especially magical to me. The thought of the fairies visiting the horsies is a terrically magical thought!

Linda Jacobs said...

I really like the first one! It's like she's underwater. And that pink baby pin just drew my eye.

Sounds like you are having fun with this digital art!

Marilyn Rock said...

Just incredible! Beautiful digital art!


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