Man up

You don't see a lot of men featured in this art genre.

There are plenty of Victorian ladies, children, butterflies and roses.

You see birds, fairies, and the occasional kitten.

But the menfolk are a bit more rare.

Why is this?  I cannot say.

Rugged and masculine can be

just as artistically appealing

as bluebirds and sunflowers.

But I will almost always reach for a feminine theme,

maybe because it is just easier,

 me being female and all.

These carpooling gents make me smile.

Some of the gentlemen in my ATC collection:


Amy said...

The carpool is great, but it is the fisherman that really makes me smile. :)
Nice collection of gentlemen you have there!

Cindy said...

The carpool is hilarious. Love those carpooling guys. However, like Amy, I LOVE that fisherman. I love the fact that he is CHEAP since I am always looking for a bargain. I like the way he does not beat around the bush about it but just states the facts plain and simply. I too have noticed a shortage of men in these vintage pictures. What up with that?

Marilyn Rock said...

Lisa; thanks for stopping by my Blog! I so appreciate that. Your lovely comments put a smile on my face for certain! I'm glad you stopped; it has led me, here, to your wonderful Blog! Love your recent masculine works. I don't do enough of that in my art and you have inspired me. I'll be back often. Marilyn

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I'm with you on the vintage guys - they deserve more attention! Thanks for stopping by.


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