Wild & Crazy Guys

The conclusion of our series,
Men in the Mixed Media World.

Today's group are some
With the exception of one,
the captions for each card
was selected from the same page of
either a magazine or old novel.

In the case of this first one,
I used the entire quote just as it appeared in the book.

The formal dialogue and the vintage picture
 were a perfect match.

This one was also a quote taken straight from the book.

This caption was created by linking two phrases:

This caption I admit I had to go in search of:

This caption was pieced together from a
phrase and random words all found on the same novel page.

I promised some 'characters'  in this post and 
hope I didn't disappoint.
These dudes always make me chuckle.
I hope you did too!


Cindy said...

I wish Peter could walk out of his picture and join the Party Animals! I think they could bring the house down!

Marilyn Rock said...

These are wonderful and boy do they make me smile! Fantastically creative!

Linda Jacobs said...

I definitely am sitting here chuckling! Love the studs in the bathing suits!


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